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RB Automatic volt. stabilizer 1 phase

Stabilizer single phase electromechanical RB "brand SHANDY"
Power range: 2 to 10 KVA.
The voltage stabilizer electromechanical electronic control of the series RB find specific application in the regulation of the supply voltage of computing centres, computers, control systems, machine tools with numerical control and in any situation where it is necessary a voltage value strictly constant.
In addition to being particularly versatile, the stabilizers to mechanical stabilization of the RB series are characterized by high efficiency, ability to withstand high transient overloads, insensitivity to variations in frequency and load, the absence of magnetic dispersions and distortion on the waveform.
The very high precision of these electromechanical regulators, combined with the fine adjustment of the stabilized voltage, allows setting the optimum value of the voltage for each type of load and conditions.
The stabilizers electromechanical RB are equipped with a reliable digital voltmeter that allows the reading of voltage input and output, circuit breaker and power indicator.

All models of electromechanical stabilizer RB are available on request in a version with isolation transformer  in the RI

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