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SEN eletronic volt. stabilizer 1 phase

Stabilizer SEN electronic voltage stabilizer single-phase "brand SHANDY"
The stabilizers are commonly used when the voltage is not stable or when there is a voltage too low and you need to raise or vice versa. The electronic stabilizers provide a great speed thanks to the management of supply via electronic.
The series of electronic stabilizers SEN meets the latest regulations regarding EMC and allows for efficient and rapid adjustment of the tension, but also an effective protection with filters, in: input and output from the stabilizer and an overvoltage protection.

This series of stabilizers has a simple, compact design with two outputs stabilized; it takes less than 200 milliseconds to correct sudden change of 88V and is completely free of harmonic distortion in output.

The electronic stabilizers SEN are composed of an autotransformer with different outputs for voltage regulation and of an electronic circuit which, by testing the output voltage, supplies the signal for opening and closing the series of triacs which control the outputs of the autotransformer.
In electronic stabilizers 1500VA and 2000VA is inserted protection by circuit breaker with indicator for power on, and the protection models below is provided by a fuse.

Power cord included.

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