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Inverter SWAV 12_24_48_110Vdc

INVERTER DC / AB series SWAV 12-24-48-110 Vdc, output 230Vac Sine Wave "brand SHANDY"
Complete set of professional inverter with a wide range of input voltages: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, these inverters are characterized by high reliability and a high level of protection thanks to the series of the output transformer with 4000V isolation galvanic.

The wide tolerance of input voltage is the distinctive element that allows these inverters to work with a wide variety of input voltages. For this reason the inverter is suitable for photovoltaics, telecommunications and industrial automation, especially in special applications and criticism.

The advanced technology and high operational reliability are the characteristics that have allowed these drives are the only ones approved by the most important leaders in the field of nuclear energy and distribution of electricity.

inverter Tower

Inverter versions floor compact and elegant, available in different models to meet the different needs in terms of size and power.
The handling of the inverter can be easily done thanks to the rotating wheels, retractable handles and practical handles.

inverter Rack

Inverter versions in 19 "rack integrated into racks.
Based on the available power inverter rack 3U, 4U, 5U.

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