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Frequency converter SCOFZ "brand SHANDY"
Frequency Converters 50/60 Hz single-phase / single phase and three phase / single phase pure sine wave output voltage adjustable from 0 to 270Vac

The series of frequency converters SCOFZ is available in power ratings from 20A up to 65A, with IGBT technology with digital control. Thanks to their versatility, these drives are designed to power any electrical system and electronics are particularly suitable for testing lines of machinery for a variety of markets and the use of equipment and industrial installations.

Wide range of adjustment output (0 V -270 V): frequency converters SCOFZ are able to convert in a continuous way the output voltage from 0 to 270Vac via a multitier potentiometer or via remote connection thanks to a 0-10V port DB9
Change output frequency 50/60Hz: these frequency converters vary the output frequency 50 to 60Hz through a selector switch on the front panel or via remote via the closure of contacts on port DB9.


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