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Frequency converters EGL GALAXY FC "brand EPC"
Frequency Converters 50/60 Hz single-phase / single-phase and single-phase / three-phase sine wave.

The frequency converters are used to transform the frequency of electric current from 50Hz, in use in Europe, at 60Hz, for example in use in the United States.
The series of frequency converters EGL GALAXY FC-FC is available in wattages from 480W to 9.6 KW with on-line double conversion technology with digital control. This series of frequency converters, due to its versatility, it is suitable to power any electrical system and electronics.

Output power factor φ 0.8: the drive with the best power factor with this output, with high performance and efficiency for critical applications
Wide input voltage range (110 -300 Vac): Vac frequency converters can provide stable and clean current even in very critical and unstable
Function 50/60Hz frequency converter: stops the output frequency 50Hz or 60Hz regardless of the input frequency and eliminates the By-Pass
Function EPO Emergency Power Off Switch: UPS shutdown by staff in the event of fire or other emergency
Simultaneous operation of SNMP + USB + RS-232 allows you to use communication to all ports of the drive at the same time
Power Factor Correction on all phases for three / single phase 10kVA to 20kVA, which improves the quality of current consumption and increases energy efficiency


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