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EnerSolar 3KW

Inverter photovoltaic solar EnerSolar 3KW
The Inverter for Photovoltaic Solar Energy EPC has two modules MPPT (Maximum Power Point Technology) independent and smart. The two modules MPP of these inverters in photovoltaic panels are designed to work individually to improve the efficiency of work, working jointly in case of need. This unique design ensures a continuous conversion of energy and the maximum efficiency of the solar inverter 96.5%, in all weather conditions.

The Inverter EnerSolar is able to operate at the optimum voltage of power, while the range of input voltage varies from 110VDC to 450VDC. Monitoring of consumption and the generation of advanced design, with LCD display, with data recorded and will keep up to 15 years, allow verification of real income of the inverter.

Made with industrial quality components to ensure the reliability of high-class, solar inverter EnerSolar has a degree of protection IP65, suitable for any application, both external and internal.
The installation of the inverter is simple, flexible scheduling and maintenance simple.

Advanced DSP control technology for precise data
Two independent MPPT smart to improve the overall efficiency of the inverter.
High conversion efficiency (up 96.5%).
Modular design for easy maintenance of the inverter.
Log data stored in the inverter up to 15 years.
Degree of protection IP65 inverter to the external and internal environment.
Possibility of monitoring software of the inverter.


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