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SSN 160 - 300KVA

UPS double conversion three-phase / three-phase SSN 160 - 500KVA "brand SHANDY"
Uninterruptible Power Supply -UPS double conversion three-phase - three-phase achieved through innovative technologies covered by four patents.
It is an on-line UPS double conversion technology with high frequency PWM with an innovative cooling system Climasystem ®, thanks to which a fluid coolant cools, better than any other system on the market, all electronic components of the Uninterruptible Power Supply -UPS, thus decreasing the stress of operation and thus improving the operation.

- Cooling system Climasystem ®
- Digital control
- Low noise libel
- Ability to remove the heat exchanger and install it in a different room or outside (stainless steel version) or connect to a cooling, if already in the system.
- Ability to operate in any configuration of up to 8 units in parallel, via fibre optic link

UPS available in six power ranges (160, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500kVA) and in different configurations realized on the basis of the value of the harmonic distortion request, the input.


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