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SA 80 - 120KVA

UPS double conversion three-phase / three-phase SA 80 - 120KVA "brand SHANDY"
The innovative series of UPS double conversion three-phases, production SHT-POWER brand SHANDY, comes from a background in the design and manufacture of UPS components combined with the latest and most advanced control systems.
These features make the UPS suitable for all kinds of industrial power supply, even in the most critical phases.

Ability to operate in any configuration of parallel up to 8 units via fibre optic link.
- On-line double conversion technology
- Small size
- Digital control
- High efficiency

This Uninterruptible Power Supply -UPS is produced in three power ranges (80, 100 and 120 KVA) and in different configurations realized on the basis of the value of the harmonic distortion request, the input.
Some technical solutions adopted by these UPS are related to patents:
- No. 002509 "dual voltage converter for high power electric"
- No. 002510 "Inductance saturable ferrite core"
- No. 002588 for "electronic filter for suppression of radio frequency".


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