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SAL 20 - 30KVA

UPS double conversion three-phase / three-phase SAL 20 - 30 KVA "brand SHANDY"
Designed for industrial use, this UPS double conversion three-phase / three-phase protects the load from blackouts, micro-interruptions, voltage instability and other issues arising from the mains.
Technology "trafoless", without output transformer from the inverter, UPS allows this to be truly effective, then to have a high overall efficiency of 95% and reduced size.

Digital control system and use of IGBT ensure absorption of a sinusoidal input current and a harmonic distortion of less than 3%.
Ability to operate in any configuration of parallel up to 8 units via fibber optic connection.
Multilingual LCD display for easy management of the UPS.

This new generation of UPS-UPS, three-phase / three-phase are versatile to use, allowing the use of single-phase and three-phase lines, both in input and output, reconfigurable at any time.


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