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Double Conversion UPS single-phase EGL 1kVA "brand EPC"
Suitable for all electrical and electronic systems which require high security, this Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS double conversion phase or on-line can also be used as a frequency converter 50/60 Hz or with current generators motor.
Unlike interactive, UPS double conversion phase are always working - not only when the voltage is missing or out of a predetermined level - thus ensuring a stable voltage output, and a tolerance very low (1%).
UPS available in tower or rack "EGR".

Power 1000 VA / 800 W
Double conversion UPS
Output power factor φ 0.8
Wide range input (110 Vac -300 Vac)
Outlets Programmable
Output converter frequency 50/60 Hz
Function (EPO) emergency power off
Simultaneous operation of SNMP+ USB + RS-232
Battery charger designed to optimize the performance of batteries

Software for all operating systems and network environments, platform monitoring and shutdown UPSILON 2000.


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